Tapping into the potential of IT services in Bangladesh

Published January 25, 2021 7:30 PM

Freelancing has paved its way as a desirable career path for the many educated unemployed in Bangladesh. The largely untapped markets of freelancing, outsourcing, and e-commerce have boomed in the past few years thanks to rapid digitization, fuelling domestic job opportunities and in turn enabling faster economic growth.

A young tech entrepreneur, Khairul Alam, is spearheading this growth within the IT sector. He established his business, Fleet Bangladesh in 2018. Just a few short years later, it stands as an icon in the country’s freelance industry. Through his success, Khairul has demonstrated the power that comes from outsourcing with agencies, and its ability to meet a business’ needs faster, smarter, and more professionally. The four major categories of services are Call Center Solution, Prepship, Ecommerce Store Customer Support and Ecommerce Inventory Software Management Solutions. The core focus is on Value Added Services, B2B & Customer Care assistance. 

Humble Beginnings

After losing his father at a young age, Khairul faced mounting pressure to pay for his educational needs. This is what led to his first freelancing gig, opening his eyes to the huge potential on offer in the industry. It turned from a job to a passion, as he worked full-time by day, and continued to freelance at night.

“I had to attend 9 am-5.30 pm office,” says Khairul. “But my affection for freelancing never decayed. Getting back from office, I used to sit with my laptop and work up to 2-3 am for my clientele!” 

Khairul eventually left this job and took the biggest risk of his life. He established the agency Fleet Bangladesh with huge dreams to transform the freelancing market.

Advantages of Freelancing

Along with providing an invaluable multi-faceted exposure, freelancing provides several benefits  such as immense flexibility in locations, freedom to choose clients and projects, experimental opportunities, unlimited income scope, diversity in options, etc. Coupled with the rise in depth and reach of technology, the work-from-home culture has also provided freelancing projects an edge as remote work is gaining compounding value.